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Evidenced-based ACUTE©, ACTA©, and VISTA© assessments address suicidality and homicidality subgroups across youth and adult populations, such as toxic, functional, characterological, and neurological.  ACUTE© (8-24) and ACTA© (25-64) specifically addresses early historical and late clinical factors across these diagnostic categories.  VISTA© (8-64) differentiates between self-harm (DSH), adjustment disorder (AD), and serotonin antidepressant (SSRI) subgroups.  Differential, rather than “one size fits all” assessments, specifically addresses these overlooked, often missed populations which tend to be deadly. In contrast to others on the market, eMed International assessments recognizes that informed clinical decisions involve more considerations than traditional evidence alone.  Our research has shown that some populations have particularly unusual and unobvious risk factors.  It is here that eMed International assessments distinguish themselves by individualizing risk assessment and decision making to the specific biopsychosocial as well as neurobiologic examination of the patient and situation. 

Suicide represents a major world-wide public health concern. The numbers are staggering. More people die from suicide than car accidents in the United States. Every 90 minutes we lose a teenager to suicide and in the past 10 years suicide among middle-age Americans increased by 30% (CDC). In most cases those who attempted suicide had received some prior therapy or treatment in the days and hours leading up to the attempt. Clearly, more accurate tools are needed. eMed International offers over 30 years of clinical research in their ACUTE©, VISTA© and ACTA© assessments to help change these negative trends. Be part of the solution, contact eMed International® today. Go to the contact page for information on placing an order.

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Locally, nationally and internationally, eMed International Inc® is an advocate for the prevention of suicide and violent behavior. We are dedicated to providing treatment professionals with better tools and education.

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eMed Colorado Inc has a new name and location. We are now EMED INTERNATIONAL INC.® and headquartered in Pensacola, FL!  Due to the increased presence and interest in our assessments throughout the United States and the world, it becomes more fitting that eMed Colorado become eMed International.  You can still order the same products and services you now use.  At the moment, our website is still emedcolorado.org.  Thank you for your patience as we get everything updated.

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eMed International Inc® has a growing international list of organizations that are engaged with eMed International Inc® to help improve risk management for suicidal and violent behaviors.  Used by behavioral health services, clinical/school psychologist, psychiatrist and clinicians all over the world.

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