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Suicidal and Homicidal Assessments

Validated Suicide Assessments

ACUTE™/VISTA™ Assessments have been validated by panels of suicide prevention experts world-wide.

The assessments address specific goals of national and international suicide prevention strategies.

The content of the research has been found by peer-review to meet standards of importance, likelihood of meeting objectives, accuracy, safety, congruence with prevailing knowledge, and appropriateness for publication, scientific presentation, and application.

They have been independently reviewed by:

  • the American Journal of Emergency Medicine
  • Pediatrics in Review
  • American Association for Suicidology
  • National Association of School Psychologists
  • the US Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress
  • the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment
  • the Irish Association of Suicidology
  • the Canadian Association for Suicidology
  • the 14th European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behavio
  • the 7th World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental Behavioral Disorders.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center Inclusion 

ACUTE™/VISTA™ Assessments will now be included on theSuicide Prevention Resource Center(SPRC) Webpage.  This is a collaborative project of the SPRC and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).  It is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

The content of the assessments has been found by peer-review to meet standards of importance, appropriateness for publication and scientific presentation, and application to the objectives of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention 2013.