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Suicidal and Homicidal Assessments

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Emed international Suicidal Assessments For Children Adolescents And Adults

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executive summary

     eMed International™ has developed evidence-based and statistically relevant rating scales to advance the rapid emergency psychiatric screening of suicidal youth patients.  These valid assessments reliably answer the question, “Should the person be held in, or transferred to, the hospital for a full psychiatric evaluation?”    

     Over 1,000,000 emergency psychiatric assessments on children, adolescents, and adults are conducted in U.S. hospitals and outpatient offices annually, and research shows wide variability in the accuracy, admission, and discharge decisions.  Recent analysis by the National Institutes of Mental Health indicates that there is little or no evidence about the value of current risk assessments.  This is in part due to the fact that ideation is common and depression variable in youth and adult populations.  Although there has been convergence concerning factors considered important for formulating violence assessments, high false-positive and false-negative results have compounded the inaccuracy of screening measures with associated financial, emotional, ethical, and legal consequences.


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Lori Schultz
Lori is our keeper of all things business.  Some of her talents include accounting, office and business management, marketing, and national and international client liaison.

Russell Copelan, MD
Dr. Copelan's in depth knowledge, training and experience in research, Emergency Room Psychiatry, and Neurology  support the mission of eMed.  He directs all educational, research, and quality assurance programming.

Ongoing research

The human story is complex.eMed International™ is dedicated to the task of ongoing research to advance the reduction of violence and suicide in our lifetime.  


Clinicians and first-contact professionals need to be fully equipped and prepared to administer the best options.  Our education events deliver the latest and most important information.

mission & vision

Every person deserves the best care in critical situations.  The mission of eMed International™ is to extend the benefit of our research to every institution that cares for those at-risk.

our Leadership team


  1. Dr. Copelan begins research on adolescent violence and suicide, developing the first of several subsequent algorithms.
  2. Secured copyright protections for early versions of VISTA™ (violence ideation and suicidality treatment algorithm). 
  3. ACTA™  (adult critical threat assessment) longitudinal, observational and intent to assess studies begin on adults ages 25 to 65.
  4. Re-standardization of AVES™ (adolescent violence evaluation scale) begins under the newly formed research and development company, Psych-Tech Inc.
  5. ACUTE™ (adolescent and child urgent threat evaluation) is published by PAR Inc., distributing thousands world-wide over the next eight years.
  6. Neuromotor sequencing factors (neurodiagnostics features) incorporated into  VISTA™, gaining further insight to nonideation threat diagnoses.
  7. Rights to ACUTE™ and VISTA™ re-acquired, opening the door to broader distribution to more critical settings.  eMed Colorado Inc. officially formed as the primary distribution and research company.
  8. eMed Colorado™  changes name to eMed International™ to reflect it's worldwide distribution of assessments.